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Pacifi3D is a proof-of-concept pacman emulator that replaces the original pacman sprites and tiles with OpenGL 3D graphics.

Pacifi3D currently runs on Windows and Linux.


NeoCD/SDL is an emulator that allows you to play all your Neogeo CD games on your PC.

NeoCD/SDL currently runs on Windows, Linux and BeOS.
Ports also exist for Dreamcast ([1], [2], [3]), XBox and Playstation 2.


10-Apr-05: Pacifi3D 0.3 Released

After many delays (1 dead hard drive - lost a lot of data, 1 new graphics card and too much time playing THUG2, HL2 and CS:S) I've finally gotten round to updating Pacifi3D again.

Whatsnew: Go to Pacifi3D page for download and information.

17-Jan-05: Pacifi3D 0.2 Released

Whatsnew: Go to Pacifi3D page for download and information.

NOTE: There seems to be a problem running Pacifi3D on Windows 98. If anyone with any compiling experience can make it build and run on 98 using MinGW then I would like to know which tools you are using to do it.

14-Jan-05: Pacifi3D WIP

As you can see Ive managed to implement a chase view and a classic view.
Also the turns in first person perspective are no longer sharp 90 degrees, which makes it much more playable in that view even if the controls still dont turn round!

If I find the time I plan to make a second release sometime next week but I thought I would tantalise you with some pics first.

I also managed to get some time on my mates Mac and found that with only minor modifications to the makefile that Pacifi3D will compile on OSX too. (Thank you SDL!) Its a bit slow on his machine though 8( Dont expect a Mac release just yet (I cant get on the Mac often) but if you know how to perform builds yourself a makefile should at least make the source release.

BTW Ive had reports of Pacifi3D crashing on startup on Windows 98. It seems to be during SDL video init, but as I dont have a machine with 98 on anymore I cant investigate whats going on.

9-Jan-05: Pacifi3D 0.1 Released

Pacman emulator that replaces pacman graphics with 3D.

14-May-04: NeoCD/SDL 0.3.1 Released

Quick fix.  Ill update the Linux and BeOS builds when I finish reinstalling all the different Operating Systems on my computer.

New Features:

2-May-04: NeoCD/SDL 0.3.0 Released

New Features:

29-Mar-04: NeoCD/SDL Dreamcast Released

Go to for source and binary.

6-Aug-03: NeoCD/SDL 0.2.0 Released

New Features:

After deciding to have a look at getting the linux port to run again, I finally cracked it thanks to my new best friend the GNU debugger.

It had nothing to do with the 68k core after all 8)


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