Pacifi3d is a proof-of-concept pacman emulator that replaces the original pacman sprites and tiles with OpenGL 3D graphics.

Pacifi3d currently runs on Windows and Linux.


Third Person View First Person View
Chase View Classic View

How it works

Pacman draws graphics by requesting the hardware to draw a sprite or tile at a specified position in a certain colour. Pacifi3d replaces the 2D video emulation of a standard pacman emulator with code to draw an equivalent 3D model at that position.

Having transformed the graphics output into 3D it is also possible to place the camera at the players position to simulate pacman from a 1st person perspective.


Download and unpack the binaries for your system. Place the roms in the provided roms subdirectory unzipped. Run the pacifi3d executable.

NOTE: Pacifi3d requires real arcade roms to function. These are NOT provided on this site. DO NOT REQUEST ROMS. Pacifi3d currently supports the following MAME pacman sets:

By default Pacifi3d will try to load puckman. To specify a different set start the emulator by typing: pacifi3d game




To Do:

Things which need implementing: (I may never get round to some of these things so feel free to attempt them.)


If you really must contact me then my email address is:

fosters at retrogames dot com

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